Anyone who has kids probably has a fear of a medical emergency in the back of their minds.  No parent ever wants to have to deal with a medical emergency involving their children, but many will at one point or another.

Thankfully, there are specialists who handle these sorts of situations, and parents all over ought to be glad that these people exist.

The specialty of these doctors

Pediatric emergency doctors are those who specialize in handling kids and teenagers who are facing acute illness and/or injury.  They’re specially trained to handle these sorts of situations.

What kind of treatments do they specialize in?

  • Medical emergencies and treatments
  • Meeting the unique needs of children, infants, and teens
  • Dealing with the anxiety of acutely ill/injured children
  • Helping families deal with the anxiety and worry for their children
  • Pediatric research and/or education.

Different treatments that your child might need

There are a number of specialized treatments that these particular doctors are great at administering.  While this isn’t an exhaustive list of the types of things that these professionals handle, it is a good basic overview:

  • Acute issues like fevers, infections, problems with breathing, seizures, pain, dehydration, and allergic reactions
  • Serious injuries caused by accidents, including broken bones and head trauma, severe burns, and other forms of trauma that could occur in a number of ways
  • Poisonings and/or overdoses due to children gaining access to chemicals or medications
  • Complications from more chronic illnesses like diabetes or asthma
  • Cuts or animal bites

How to find your nearest pediatric emergency doctor

You are likely to find a physician with this specialty in just about any place that handles emergency medical needs.

Emergency rooms and urgent care facilities are the most common places that people go when they need emergency medical treatment, and such facilities will almost always have an emergency pediatric care doctor available at all times.

If there is no emergency pediatric doctor in the facility when you show up, there will generally be one on call who can be contacted right away.

The importance of following emergency care instructions

No matter what sort of trauma or illness your child has suffered, it is essential that you follow all of the instructions provided by the doctor.  Fill all prescriptions and give them to your child as instructed, and always perform follow-up visits.

After the initial emergency visit, it is usually perfectly acceptable to perform follow up visits with your primary pediatrician.  Your primary pediatrician is likely more understanding of your child’s specific needs, but be sure to schedule the first appointment in a time frame the emergency doctor recommends.

While it can often be extremely difficult to deal with your child being hurt or sick, it is good to know that you always have emergency physicians available to you.

If your child is suffering from a serious injury or illness, don’t ever hesitate to take them into your nearest emergency facility right away, as doing so could make all the difference.